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I've been to each house and have talked to brothers. I will be completely honest with no bias.
-AXP: Really rough past. Still overcoming a couple of stigmas, but they are definitely stepping up to the plate. Smaller fraternity, so strong brotherhood. Needs to get involved more though. Decent parties too! Brothers are really welcoming as well. 6.5/10 for sure.
-DKE: Really strong national and oldest fraternity at Rowan. Not affiliated with Rowan anymore, but still are noticeable. Probably one of the top houses for sure. Strong brotherhood and down to earth. 7.5/10
-FIJI: Good parties, but pretty quiet on campus involvement. Met some cool kids and some douche bags as well. Bad rep with the girls though. Brotherhood seems strong. 5.5/10
-PIKE: Really well known nationally. Used to be really strong here, but they seem to be declining a bit after losing their house. Parties are a little awkward if you're not a brother. Very "frat" though, which is cool in it's own way. Respectable 7.5/10
- Phi Psi: Very interesting. A lot of nice kids for sure, but seems more like a club. Acts like sorority girls sometimes though. Definitely the frat for people looking for friends as opposed to brotherhood. However, they are super involved and beloved by sororities. 5/10
-Sigma Pi: Love the alumni. Very chill with good brotherhood. Some douches, but they are pretty big so it's expected. Needs better involvement though. 8/10

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This is accurate

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