Thinking about going through rush

by: Rush

I’m a freshman here and I want honest opinions on the best houses here I’m seeing a lot of kd adpi chio are those the best houses here? Who has a lot of drama? What are the reputations?

Posted By: Rush
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#1  by: Houses   

Remember this is a small school it is not a big deal whichever house you go to all of them have a big variety of girls no concrete reputations here all have some really pretty girls and all have some that are just a mix pick where you feel happiest.

By: Houses
by: yeahMar 20, 2022 4:39:31 PM

As long as you get a bid you should be fine

By: yeah
#2  by: Best houses    

as far as reps go, I agree with the comment about all mixed a lot of different girls in each but these are probably the top houses in that order

By: Best houses
#3  by: Yo   

All sororities have drama you can’t get a group of 30+ women who are entirely the same it’s impossible and that’s no fun either lol you gotta go where you vibe the best. For instance - if one group dances and sings around you during round 1 and it makes you uncomfortable then maybe don’t join that one lol but if you have great convos and hit it off then for sure consider it. It’s all about the person going through and how the experience makes them feel

By: Yo

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