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1. Sigma Delta Tau
2. Theta Phi Alpha
3. Delta Phi Epsilon
4. Alpha Omicron Pi
5. Sigma Sigma Sigma

SDT, DPhiE, Theta all have similar types of girls.. most girls choose one of these orgs for their awesome philanthropies. all are chill girls who know how to have fun. SDT & Theta take school very seriously but know how to have a great time- they have been accused of hazing but no one knows if its true. DphiE is more about the experience of college- its an open topic on campus that they constantly bring their new members off of campuses to haze.

Posted By: Pre- Recruitment
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#1  by: male   

obviously you are butt hurt and in an organization that cannot compete with DPhiE to sit on this website and bash the sorority by publically accusing them of hazing to try and sway girls towards your bum organization.

By: male
#2  by: SDT   

as a sister from SDT, you are way off base about DPhiE. DPhiE are truly nice and amazing girls. As are all the girls in the other orgs too. And I wouldn't judge a sorority from what is on this website because everyone has ratings that are good and bad and from orgs trying to tear another one down. Just find the sorority that is right for you because you are going to hear different opinions from everyone. There is no need to compare us because we are all different.

#3  by: Hazing...   

I don't go to Ramapo so I don't know what the standard is for hazing but at my school every sorority hazes and the chapters that don't are usually the "bottom tier" houses. Don't run your mouth about another chapter hazing. Except for the most extreme cases, hazing is usually an important part of the pledging process and makes the girls in a PC closer. If you're going to criticize a chapter for hazing at all, you probably don't understand the longstanding traditions of Greek life and you probably shouldn't be on here ranking anyone.

By: Hazing...

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