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has anybody gotten off the StarStuded waitlist yet?? By: vanessaababy14   Last Post:

been on this stupid waitlist for 3 weeks now:( I...Read More

By: vanessaababy14   Last Post:

Started: Sep 4, 2022 10:32:09 AM
Srat ranks 2022 By: Dsd   Last Post:

2022 current sorority ranks. Esp sororities have changed a ton...Read More

By: Dsd   Last Post:

Started: Jul 21, 2022 11:05:20 AM
poll icon imagePOLL: Best frat? By: Randoms   Last Post:

...View Poll

By: Randoms   Last Post:

Started: Mar 22, 2021 6:53:05 PM
just saying By: ramapo   Last Post:

Idk what rank each sorority is exactly but if you're...Read More

By: ramapo   Last Post:

Started: Feb 14, 2018 4:44:08 PM
ranks By: Rcnj   Last Post:

To be honest these are the real rankings of the...Read More

By: Rcnj   Last Post:

Started: May 28, 2018 10:46:54 AM
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frat house locations By: freshman   Last Post:

what frats have their own houses are where are they...Read More

By: freshman   Last Post:

Started: Feb 13, 2018 6:01:56 PM
formal recruitment By: help   Last Post:

Any tips for a freshman going into sorority formal recruitment??...Read More

By: help   Last Post:

Started: Jan 2, 2018 10:39:40 PM
poll icon imagepoll: what sorority hazes the least? By: ggggg   Last Post:

...View Poll

By: ggggg   Last Post:

Started: Jan 30, 2018 3:27:57 PM
fraternity tiers By: Fresh   Last Post:

Top ZBT TKE Middle AXP KS Bottom The rest...Read More

By: Fresh   Last Post:

Started: Jun 24, 2015 2:00:16 AM
rankings: By: christina   Last Post:

sigma dphie sdt aopi theta dont listen to any of the others. this isnt based on...Read More

By: christina   Last Post:

Started: Mar 20, 2015 8:31:16 PM
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