sororities to avoid?

by: nervous

what sororities, if any, should I avoid? Which ones are stereotypically mean, chill, nice, and partyers? I just want to know what they’re really like

Posted By: nervous
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#1  by: eh   

uhh not really any to avoid they all have their own things.

thetas I guess the most stereotypical. Thin, blonde or dark hair, tan, nice if you’re one of them.
Axo can be that way too

kd is a mixed bad between nice cool girls and sorta mean social climbers who didn’t get axo or theta. real 50/50

phi sig is chill but only bc they’re generally speaking uninvolved. They’re fine. Known as KD rejects though

gphi/chi o- probably some of the nicest girls. chill but a lot of them are phi sig rejects. They’re nice but kind of average

adpi- i dont know much about them. under the radar for sure. Ig you could say chill

tri delt- sweet but a little awkward sometimes

By: eh
#2  by: York hill   

Axo/Theta: avoid if you don’t fit the stereotypical standard of beauty and don’t want to party. both are mostly made up of typical hot girls who never miss a going out night. there are some mean popular girl types for sure, top tier has a lot of drama. Axo is a lil more involved than Theta, both are social royalty
Kd: avoid if you’re not into partying or are super lowkey. some girls are kinda salty they’re not very top so can be a little aggressive and mean while others are super cool and nice. this sorority is usually well organized and pretty involved but had drama this year. mostly hot girls but a little diversity. top 3 have best frat relations

Phi sig: avoid if you’re looking for overall involvement as they’re the least involved especially with philanthropy. known to be chill but can be kinda lazy. decent amount of hot girls, very social. pretty good sisterhood with very lil drama but stick to themselves and frats
Chio/Gphi: avoid if you’re looking for established srats as top frats don’t mix with them yet and they don’t have a solid alum network. Chio mixes a lil more than Gphi, I think Gphi is newer than them. both are kinda chill with a lil drama here and there, involved, more diverse mix of both hot and not girls, pretty good sisterhood
Adpi: avoid if you’re not looking to get involved or prioritize partying. Adpi is big on involvement and philanthropy, they have a good sisterhood and good diversity, a lil drama here and there. not much for looks and social life but still has mixers for sure

Tri delt: avoid if you care about tiers or want to party. instead of mixers they do more sisterhood events I think, good for anyone not interested in the subpar frats, involvement is improving. has the most diversity, not good looking in the stereotypical sense. some drama the past few years partially due to being newer,

By: York hill
#3  by: bump   

these are all pretty accurate stereotypes actually

By: bump

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