Everyone say something nice about each sorority


Say something nice about each sorority...Go!

Posted By: Kaleigh
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Sororities on campus don't have much sisterhood as far as I'm concerned. Only one with a house and besides that the girls just do things like study or walk together. Most don't know the greek alphabet...smh

By: isuguy
by: Sratiness Dec 16, 2013 11:41:14 PM

Whoever this ISUGUY is, must be a GDI. He has no love for the Greek community. And if he's not a geed then he's a sorry excuse for a Greek. A Greek is someone who stands beside their Panhellenic or their IFC whether they're standing for their organization or not. Greek life isn't just about the partying and the ragers (although let me tell you ISU can get down). It's about love, community service, helping others, and most importantly something we all have in common, Philanthropy. You wouldn't think that being a Greek could have such an impact but let me tell you it does, and we have the power and the chance to change something and maybe even someone. We are ALL Greek whether you like it or not. And that's never going to change. So whatever smartass comments, or degrading post you put, just remember that this reflect our campus, and altogether our Greek LIfe.

By: Sratiness

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