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End of Year Frat Rankings By: yahh   Last Post:

TOP Sig Chi Phi Psi SAE Delt Kappa Sig Sammy UPPER MID ATO...Read More

By: yahh   Last Post:

Started: Apr 3, 2020 3:38:23 AM
Let’s talk diversity! By: PNM   Last Post:

What are some of the top sororities ONLY in terms...Read More

By: PNM   Last Post:

Started: Jul 10, 2020 9:32:13 PM
On vs Off campus frats By: A$ap   Last Post:

With all this rona **** isn’t it better to rush...Read More

By: A$ap   Last Post:

Started: Jul 10, 2020 9:26:04 PM
Kappa sig kicked off campus until 2022 By: kappa sig   Last Post:

kappa sig just got kicked off campus until 2022 because...Read More

By: kappa sig   Last Post:

Started: Jul 8, 2020 8:31:49 AM
Why is pilam hated By: Freshie   Last Post:

Incoming freshman looking to rush. Why is pilam hated on....Read More

By: Freshie   Last Post:

Started: Jul 6, 2020 5:49:23 PM
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PiLam fake posts By: Junior   Last Post:

Below this post is about PiLam being hated.. That post...Read More

By: Junior   Last Post:

Started: Jul 7, 2020 11:24:07 PM
Best sorority ranking 2020 By: Best   Last Post:

4 tiers. 4 srats in each tier. Order of srats...Read More

By: Best   Last Post:

Started: Apr 23, 2020 12:23:38 AM
so what’s the tea with Pi Phi By: idk   Last Post:

i’ve heard so many rumors and I’m wondering what’s true...Read More

By: idk   Last Post:

Started: Apr 1, 2020 3:24:07 AM
Sorority Ranks 2020 By: 3 Tiers   Last Post:

Based on a past post and the comments that were...Read More

By: 3 Tiers   Last Post:

Started: Jun 28, 2020 7:17:22 PM
overall sorority rankings 2020 - this is it By: hmm   Last Post:

I would say this is indisputable (no order among the tiers) a...Read More

By: hmm   Last Post:

Started: Apr 23, 2020 12:08:53 PM
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