Unbiased end of year frat ranks, brief descriptions

by: Unbiased Reviews

Well the year came to a early close, so here are the end of year ranks:

Lambda-Again, another good, well rounded year at the top but slipping socially and academically. Great all around but has gotten a little too big for quality brotherhood
SigEp- Consistant top grades as always, great social scene. Participated a lot. Top 5 physical house
Phi Psi- Huge Fall class, had a great social year, and top tier sing partner. Could be more well rounded. Best physical house. Getting a little too big numbers wise imo. Chill guys
Sigma Chi: Great social life this year, lacking in most other categories, but big and wet! Known for not being too nice
SAE: Great functions, but lack in most other areas. Actually participated in Sing this year. Still has a bad reputation around campus though for many things.
Pi Kap: Definitely rising, had great functions this year but doesn’t participate much. Outside of house is attractive.
DU: Falling in numbers, but was very well known for parties this year.
FIJI: 2nd place in IFC for grades behind Sigep. Participated well. Physical house is definitely in top 5 on campus. Partying more but lacking there. Good brotherhood
PIKE: Lacking in grades participation, and brotherhood, but consistant good functions, growing in numbers. Never really hear anything good or bad about them
SigPi: Rising, and making a name for themselves. Only wet house on IFC top grades list. Parties are getting better.
Theta Chi: Falling, somewhat good functions, but lacking in most other ways. No Sing partner.
Phi Delt: It’s sad to see how much they’ve fallen in the past few years. Lacking social life, and many have no idea they exist despite prime location. Didn’t get a Sing partner. That said, very good grades, and top 5 physical house.


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#1  by: Unbiased Reviews    


Sigma Nu: Fall class showed hope of them moving up to middle, but it seems as though only about half of the original class ended up getting initiated. Tight brotherhood, well rounded, however grades have taken a huge hit this year.
ATO: Small house numerically. Lacking in participation and did not get a Sing partner. Good functions with big basement and I believe they’re the only housed chapter that has open parties that anyone can go to off the street. That could be good or bad depending on who you are. Good brotherhood.
Delta Chi: Known as nice guys. Unique physical house with deck. Don’t really stand out anywhere though and very small. Got a Panhellenic Sing partner this year which was great for them.
Acacia: Top 5 physical house, but lacking most other areas. Hard to get people to their parties as their house is kind of out in the middle of nowhere. Good brotherhood. No Sing partner.
Kappa Sig: Very new house so it’s expected that they’ll not be ahead in as much. Hard working guys, and will be rising in the future, but are brand new. House location is on row so that’s good.
Delta Tau Delta: Still unhoused but guys in it are hard working and helping it grow. Actually got Sing partner (albeit non-Panhellenic). More participation would do them good, they don’t really function with anyone, which would help. A lot of “weirder” guys but all very genuine and nice people.

By: Unbiased Reviews
#2  by: Sororityview   

This is the consensus.

By: Sororityview
by: WowMay 24, 2020 5:04:07 AM

Pi kapp had the worst grades on campus except theta chi. Kappa sig isn’t new. You mean Beta or Farmhouse? Farmhouse is IFC frat of the year. Tells me Sigep is slipping. Lambda isn’t struggling socially. Lmao.

By: Wow
by: Greek InsiderDec 14, 2022 11:09:45 PM

Lambda is the ONLY fraternity considered top tier because of the massive quality gap after them, it would be more accurate to put SPE as the top of the middle tier and Lambda in a class by themselves being the only occupant worthy of top tier status.

By: Greek Insider
#3  by: Ummmmm. No   

Phi psi ain’t top. That’s just funny. A bunch of rando geeds

By: Ummmmm. No
#4  by: ehhh   

Spot on but dare I say ATO is too high. Them being the only house that allows randos in off the street should be explanatory enough..

By: ehhh
by: ehhhMay 24, 2020 10:56:40 PM

Really I’d take DU, Phi Delt, and Pike, keep them as “Middle” and then put FIJI, SigPi, and Theta Chi in the bottom with the rest of them.

By: ehhh
#5  by: sorority   

Move Phi Delt down to bottom tier. They are irrelevant

By: sorority
#6  by: Sororityview   

The truth

By: Sororityview
#7  by: chick   

The one and only truth

By: chick
#8  by: srat   

top 5 frats from a girls perspective :
sae - fun guys to party with, seem to be working hard to improve their reputation, axo and dg
sig chi - had kind of a weird pledge class this year, only have a couple of big parties a year, stuck up, aphi and agd
phi psi - every single girl i know loves phi psi parties and loves their basement, guys seem genuinely nice and got a really good sing partner this year, axo and kappa
pi kapp - probably the frattiest frat on campus but have consistnelty have good parties and are fun to hang out with, aphi and theta
sig ep - the "nice guys" on campus, kind of have a weird pc but seem nice and involved, aphi and theta

honestly don't know how lambda always gets ranked as a top frat bcs they don't associate with any of the top sororities other than kappa, they have a super random mix of guys and the parties are very hit and miss

By: srat
by: Truth HurtsJul 18, 2020 11:54:03 PM

Well you are obviously in a bottom tier sorority. Lambda partners exclusively with top tier Sororities but does very little outside the top 4.

By: Truth Hurts
by: Sing Jul 19, 2020 2:51:24 AM

Their repeat partners are AXO Aphi DG kappa and Theta. How’s that not top tier?!

By: Sing
by: SororityviewJan 11, 2022 5:38:32 PM

Maybe from a BOTTOM tier sorority point of view but NO Top tier sorority would go anywhere near those houses you mentioned

By: Sororityview
by: TbhJan 11, 2022 5:41:17 PM

Lambda ONLY pairs with the TOP sororities. You must be from a mid to bottom tier sorority that any Lambda would avoid like the plague.

By: Tbh
#9  by: honest   

when is Lambda building their new house?

By: honest
#10  by: Nah   

Theta Chi is almost gone and lost like 40 people. Phi Psi is also down a ton of people. They are not top. Sigs are strong and wet..sigma nu would be higher if they were bigger....Lambda is the same size as the other big frats and is literally the same position academically they were last term...so not slipping.

By: Nah
by: Greek LifeOct 19, 2022 5:07:17 AM

MASSIVE gap after Lambda

By: Greek Life

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