by: Hah

Greek life at Hope is such a joke. Compared to other big universities and even smaller colleges with IFC and Panhel chapters, Hope college Greek life just isn't as good.

Posted By: Hah
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#1  by: do you go here?   

Everybody who actually knows Hope knows that Greek life keeps this school running. Hope College would be absolutely nothing without Greek life. Greek life members are by far the most involved on campus and lead pretty much everything that happens at the school. If you aren't an athlete or in Greek life...you just don't have fun.

By: do you go here?
by: JordanFeb 7, 2017 11:34:07 PM

Agreed. Hope is dead school so they attempt to make it something by adding in local frats, but its version of Greek isn't nearly what it is like at bigger schools like UMich, but hey at least Hope tried.

By: Jordan
#2  by: Ad Majorum dei Gloriam   

So is Dan Gigniac

By: Ad Majorum dei Gloriam

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