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Weird Christian kids that started a greek life at one of the most sober boring schools in America. You guys blow and are a disgrace to the big schools in Michigan. Stop pretending you have anything remotely of what greek life is anywhere else.

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#1  by: Hope Student   

You can't compare Greek life at a school with 3300 students to Greek life at a school with 40,000 students. They are inherently different. If you want a big school experience then go to one. Stop hating on what you clearly don't know

By: Hope Student
#2  by: Polly   

It has one of the oldest fraternities in the country...

By: Polly
by: KFeb 7, 2017 11:25:11 PM

A local frat with one chapter, that no one outside of Hope has heard about... oh so prestigious.

By: K
#3  by: MSU   

I go to MSU and one of my high school friends goes here so I stayed for a weekend and I couldn't have said what you said better myself. Schools like Hope have a different definition of Greek life compared to what actual Greek life is nationally.

by: Facts Only Jan 28, 2018 12:59:22 PM

Lower tier Umich frats go harder than any frat at hope

By: Facts Only

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