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Sigma Delta Tau By: Hof   Last Post:

Is sdt (it’s off campus I know) still functioning as...Read More

By: Hof   Last Post:

Started: Dec 19, 2023 6:16:02 AM
RATING!!!!!!!!! By: geed   Last Post:

1. Any sorority 2. a random group of people last. danceworks...Read More

By: geed   Last Post:

Started: Dec 6, 2023 8:07:51 PM
Frat/Sorority Rankings By: x   Last Post:

1. Aepi/Aphi 2. Pike/ DG 3. Phi Delt/Aephi 4. Geeds...Read More

By: x   Last Post:

Started: Dec 5, 2023 11:05:31 AM
poll icon imagePOLL: For my greek life ppl, did you get hazed? By: Dilf   Last Post:

...View Poll

By: Dilf   Last Post:

Started: Aug 21, 2023 10:35:39 PM
True rankings please By: Kol   Last Post:

someone give an honest rank of frat n sororities bc...Read More

By: Kol   Last Post:

Started: Sep 18, 2022 12:21:51 PM
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Greek life at Hofstra By: Hi   Last Post:

Greek life at Hofstra is completely dead gone. It definitely...Read More

By: Hi   Last Post:

Started: Mar 12, 2022 12:19:30 AM
Aidan Thomas O’rourke By: Geed   Last Post:

Dorm dorm dorm dorm Rats rats rats rats Dorm rats ...Read More

By: Geed   Last Post:

Started: Dec 23, 2021 9:54:31 PM
Yotalia tiktoker in AEPHI By: tombradylover33   Last Post:

yo there’s this girl talia shes hot af and she’s...Read More

By: tombradylover33   Last Post:

Started: Jan 25, 2022 3:07:28 PM
poll icon imagePOLL: best org to party/mix with? By: soror   Last Post:

...View Poll

By: soror   Last Post:

Started: Jan 31, 2022 9:55:32 PM
spring recruitment!!! By: 😛   Last Post:

Get off greek rank!!! These are people outside of the...Read More

By: 😛   Last Post:

Started: Jan 30, 2022 11:54:58 AM
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