2023 Frat rank prediction

by: cc

Top: Lambda, Sig Nu, DSig, Sig Chi

Upper Mid: Fiji

Mid: SAE, ASig, DTD, Kappa Sig

Lower Mid: ATO, Pike, Theta Chi

Bottom: All the rest

Posted By: cc
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#1  by: Lambda with the self rank   

We found the self ranking lambda again. Lambda is middle tier on a good day. They are just sad and spend way too much time on here.

By: Lambda with the self rank
by: ?Oct 7, 2022 10:48:01 PM

all you do is complain about lambda self ranking. where? who really spends too much time on this site?

By: ?
by: Truth HurtsOct 11, 2022 3:46:12 AM

HUGE gap after Lambda. They are by comparison the ONLY top tier fraternity, SN, Delta Sig and Sig Chi should start the top of the middle tier

By: Truth Hurts
by: TbhNov 6, 2022 12:29:08 AM

Tbh a huge gap after Lambda, SN, DS, SX should be dropped to middle tier

By: Tbh
by: ?Nov 6, 2022 12:58:46 AM

notice how the fake self-ranks started only after my first comment. be less obvious.

By: ?
by: Greek ExpertFeb 10, 2023 6:00:36 PM

WOW just have you seen the differences in fraternity PC?… Looks like Lambda took all the hot guys and left all the other houses with MEH sketchy left overs

By: Greek Expert
#2  by: Big Duck   

Fiji in Top

By: Big Duck
#3  by: No   

Fiji is not top anymore. Lost their tailgate house and has weak pledge classes.

By: No
#4  by: pretty accurate   

Pretty accurate but Lambda may fall to upper mid too if this pledge class isn't strong

By: pretty accurate
#5  by: Rushee   

Lambda is also the #1 fraternity and it’s not even close.

By: Rushee
#6  by: Greek Insider   

Lambda always on top

By: Greek Insider
#7  by: Greek Life   

Lambda always gets first pick of the best

By: Greek Life
#8  by: Sororityview   

Lambda should be at the top all by themselves and the others below them

By: Sororityview
#9  by: SN   

I would have been Lambda if I got a bid they were my first choice.

By: SN
#10  by: Totally agree   

Lambda, Sig Chi and DSig are top, but no way is Theta Chi that low.

By: Totally agree

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