Delta sigma incident

by: robby

Does anyone know what the story is with Michael Qubein

Posted By: robby
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#1  by: opinion   

methinks it was a coverup

By: opinion
#2  by: the crossing   

Watch the dateline episode about it (Season 27 Episode 43)

By: the crossing
#3  by: anonymous   

nobody cares

By: anonymous
#4  by: Celo    

Is joining a frat the only way to have a social life at high point?

By: Celo
by: abcdJun 17, 2023 8:40:44 PM

yeah basically its the only way to have a social life if you're a guy. if you know sorority girls it will help ur social life but id rec joining one

By: abcd
#5  by: Why    

Why ask such a silly question. Just google it. Omg. SMH.

By: Why

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