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by: honest

Honestly, before rushing and coming up with ideas in your head about what sorority you want, listen and don’t be ignorant. First, who cares about tiers if you party, you’ll party. if you study, you’ll study. If your going into rush and will drop a sorority if it’s not a “top tier” then you’ll drop and you’ll have no sorority but still party and study, just with less people. If you get a bid for a sorority you didn’t want because someone on here said it was “less than” they’re wrong. A KD can’t speak about a Zeta and a PMu can’t speak about a tri sig, and a gam can’t speak about an axo. You’re talking about groups of 200 girls… have u ever met 200 girls that are all “partiers” or all “losers” NO BECAUSE THATS NOT LIFE! In every sorority there are all different types of people and if it’s about reputation, I’ve never heard of someone not talking to someone else because of a sorority they’re in. So do yourself a favor and save the tears if you care enough about this Greek ranking it’s sad because your friends at other schools don’t even know where your sorority stands anyway. A PMU is like tippy top of the world in some schools and here it’s a little lame but if you tell your friend from bama that ur a PMu they won’t know. Some schools zetas suck. But typically that’s when there are 20 girls were talking about 200 there is no way you can rank 200 girls the same way especially when the process is so random. Have good conversations and get to know the houses as much as you can and when you get your bid make up your mind after the first chapter because people on here don’t know what goes on for real behind the other sororities closed doors.

Posted By: honest
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