Frat PC's fall 2019


which frat had the best PC?

Posted By: Mango pod
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Definitely not SAE lmao

By: Ya feel me?
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The new squids are pretty solid this year, everyone in the pc that i've met are all really cool and down to earth!

By: KD
by: SquidssssssOct 20, 2019 10:36:10 PM

It’s because we only take the best of the best, ya feel me?

By: Squidssssss
by: EhOct 21, 2019 6:53:32 PM

Kappa sig is really not that great the guys are a giant mix of randoms, they don’t really have a “type”. The older guys that were actually cool graduated and the young ones are just average. Yall need to really settle down on the self ranks kappa sig one good PC doesn’t make you the best fraternity.

By: Eh
#3  by:    

Sigma Chi definitely

By: Z

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