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I want to know the truth behind the sororities. Cutest houses, nicest/prettiest girls, bad reps, who is in with the frats. Thanks

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#1  by: und   

Aphi- pretty girls and they're in with most frats. top tier house but i wouldn't say the nicest. been going down compared to previous years.

AXO- really nice girls, not the best house but also not the worst. have been improving over the years.

DG- pretty girls with the best grades the past couple semesters. very strict house and the girls that do go out get in with the frats. Top tier

Gphi- pretty girls. this house does have a bad rep but i can't say it's always deserved. they've been getting in trouble recently, whether its fair or not. known for being big partiers.

Pi Phi- really nice girls but not known for much else more. not the best rep on campus.

Theta- pretty girls that are also known for partying but they're all pretty chill and get along with everyone. top tier

By: und
#2  by: UND   

A Phi: Overrated, really snobby to a lot of people & the girls rub people the wrong way. In with the frats, but not respected by others girls. Good philanthropy and pretty girls, but going downhill.

AXO: Nice, always see a few out & about on the weekends. They're going up campus and they do have a lot of friends in certain frats, but not the big party houses.

DG: Really smart and with that comes really strict. Don't think of joining this house unless you're prepared to maintain at least a 3.5 gpa. Definitely going down- very snobby and think they're better than everyone.

G Phi: Don't deserve the things that have happened to them recently. Beautiful, sweet girls. Have an in with almost every frat and they make you feel welcome. Partiers, hope to see good things from them.

Pi Phi: Kind of just there. Not a lot to say. Bottom tier.

Theta: Such a mixed bag. Some are partiers, some are into their grades. Really hit or miss with them but overall nice girls. This house is about as middle tiered as they get.

Also, G Phi BY FAR has the cutest house :)

by: gogreekJun 19, 2014 11:45:23 AM

Alpha Phi: Top Tier, and has been for a very long time. Any complaints about them are out of jealousy by other females who didn't get a bid. "pretty and stuck up" is the reputation they get but honestly they aren't anymore "stuck up" than any of the other top-tier houses on campus. They get good grades, are super involved in the greek community and very social with the fraternities and you will pretty much find them everywhere.

Delta Gamma: Top Tier, strictest house out of all the sororities in terms of rules for their members, pretty girls that get good grades, not the most social house on campus. "goody two-shoes" type girls . D

Gamma Phi Beta: Top Tier, reputation got ruined by girls years ago so its tainted recruitment for them the past few years. They are getting better but still have the biggest "party girl" reputation. Getting to be more of a mix of the types of girls they recruit.

Kappa Alpha Theta: Top/Middle Tier, very unique mixture of girls, some are the pretty/popular type and others are very unique and not the "sorority girl" type of girls that most other houses have. They have a reputation of being catty within their own house but I haven't personally heard many stories besides that the older girls don't care to get to know the younger girls.

Alpha Chi Omega: Middle Tier, once again a mixture of girls. They don't fit the "sorority girl" look or feel. They do stick to themselves and only really hang out at 1 fraternity.

Pi Phi: Bottom Tier, nice girls

By: gogreek
#3  by: Greek   

1. Alpha Phi
2. Delta Gamma
3. Alpha Chi Omega
4. Gamma Phi Beta
5. Kappa Alpha Theta
6. Pi Beta Phi

By: Greek
by: GreekLifeJul 19, 2014 3:38:38 PM

This is just so wrong.
1. A Phi
2. Theta
3. G Phi
4. DG
5. A Chi O
6. Pi Phi

By: GreekLife
#4  by: Frat Star   

The rankings really go like this
Top: Aphi, DG
Middle: Gphi and Theta
Bottem: AXO and pi phi

By: Frat Star
#5  by: Boots    

So dumb. We have seven houses. They are all good. They all have smart , pretty girls. I have friends in every house you should too!

By: Boots
#6  by: Truth   

Top tier: Sigma Chi
Bottom tier: everyone else, especially ATO

By: Truth
#7  by: Frat   

Top: DG, A Phi, Theta
Middle: G Phi, AXO
Bottom: Pi Phi and KD

By: Frat
by: YesJan 12, 2017 2:17:19 AM

THis is 100% correct

By: Yes
#8  by: sorority girl   

Top Tier: APhi, Gphi, DG
Middle: Theta, AChiO
Bottom: Pi Phi, KD

By: sorority girl
by: Lol noDec 11, 2016 11:10:26 AM

Okay Gphi

By: Lol no
#9  by: Fall17   

These are my fall spring predictions

AXO - deffinitly on the rise. Got some smoke shows in their recent pledge classes.

APhi - Will stay the same in top tier

DG - will stay the same with alpha phi

GPhi - could go up, could go down depending on their pledge class

KD - deffinitly on the rise

Pi Phi - expected to stay about the same

Theta - wild card... could see them stay high up or fall depending how they recruit this year later

By: Fall17
#10  by: super senior   

No Particular order between Tiers

Top: Alpha Phi, Delta Gamma
Upper Middle: Kappa Alpha Theta and Gamma Phi Beta
Lower Middle: Alpha Chi Omega
Bottom: Kappa Delta, Pi Beta Phi

By: super senior

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