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Visited some friends last weekend and went to a couple fraternity "Ragers." It literally consisted of being crammed inside, probably, someone's mom's house and listening to rap all night. Could not believe people would actually pay money to be in a "fraternity" at this school.

Posted By: A&M KA
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This is true though. But you know what, a different upbringing brings a different kind of partying. If it's still fun, why not.

By: TurboFart
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I used to go to UNM and I think their Greek life kills NMSUs. It may be smaller up there in terms of orgs but their frats are way larger and filled with non douchebags and wannabe frat guys

By: NMSU Greek life
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I agree UNM has a better Greek life because they have houses and larger frats they know how to host a party

By: Different
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Parties at NMSU can be very scary but I find it funny how all the bottom houses at NMSU are top houses at UNM and all the bottom houses at UNM are top at NMSU.

Such a difference

By: Parties

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