Best and worst sorority/frat AND WHY


State wether you're a chick or a dude and which in your opinion is the best sorority and which is the best frat and why for both. Because if you say chi o is the best because I'm in it, I'll know to disregard your opinion lol but if you say Kappa sig is the best because they guys are rich and they give me free drinks or something then I'll be like cool noted. You can also do worst and why! :-)

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By: aggieup
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Quick Run Down of Everyone:

Chi Omega - Sweet, Nice 8/10 looks

Delta Zeta - Partiers, strict sisterhood, 7/10 looks

Alpha Xi Delta - Nice, funny, not approachable 7/10 looks

Delta Gamma - Hot, surprisingly approachable for their looks (10/10)

Zeta Tau Alpha - Stuck Up, hot, Instagram everything 10/10

Lambda Chi Alpha - Stereotypical frat dudes, gotten kicked off campus 3 times,only lambda chi loves lambda chi.

Pi Kappa Alpha: - wanna be lambda chi but cooler, takes intramurals too serious. Wanna be alpha offputs girls

Sigma Chi - Known to bat for the other team, rich, stereotypical frat dressing. Girls love em cause they check out the same guys

Kappa Sigma - Athletic asf, chill dudes, salt of the earth.

Phi Delta Theta - Can make you laugh. Really laugh. Non hazing. Getting smaller in numbers though.

Tau Kappa Epsilon - Party Animals, hazing and weak campus imprint.

Alpha Gamma Rho - If you are Agriculture major,join them. MAGA 100% from what i see.

Sigma Alpha Epsilon - Hazing, small.

Alpha Tau Omega - Cant get a bid? Go here, they'll take you.

By: NothingButCup
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Hello male here,

My advice when rushing a frat, i would honestly stay away from the larger ones, those tend to be the ones that have weaker brotherhoods. Speaking with some members in Lambda Chi (largest frat on campus) many of them say they hardly know half their brothers because they just hang around the same 2 or 3 guys, cliches form and you dont get the same experience. Sure smaller fraternities dont have as much exposure but in greek life they tend to be the closest groups and make for a better time. And if you are rushing to say "well i joined the biggest fraternity" you rushed for the wrong reasons. Good luck

By: AggieLife

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