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Quick Run Down of Everyone: Sororities: Chi Omega - Sweet, Nice 8/10 looks Delta Zeta - Partiers, strict sisterhood, 7/10 looks Alpha Xi Delta - Nice, funny, not approachable 7/10 looks Delta Gamma - Hot, surprisingly approachable for their looks (10/10) Zeta Tau Alpha - Stuck Up, hot, Instagram everything 10/10 Frats: Lambda Chi Alpha - Stereotypical frat dudes, gotten kicked off campus 3 times,only lambda chi loves lambda chi. Pi Kappa Alpha: - wanna be lambda chi but cooler, takes intramurals too serious. Wanna be alpha offputs girls Sigma Chi - Known to bat for the other team, rich, stereotypical frat dressing. Girls love em cause they check out the same guys Kappa Sigma - Athletic asf, chill dudes, salt of the earth. Phi Delta Theta - Can make you laugh. Really laugh. Non hazing. Getting smaller in numbers though. Tau Kappa Epsilon - Party Animals, hazing and weak campus imprint. Alpha Gamma Rho - If you are Agriculture major,join them. MAGA 100% from what i see. Sigma Alpha Epsilon - Hazing, small. Alpha Tau Omega - Cant get a bid? Go here, they'll take you.
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