Official Sorority Ranks 2023

by: Tester

Official Sorority Ranks 2023

Top Tier:
ΚΔ - Kappa Delta
ZTA - Zeta Tau Alpha
ΑΔΠ - Alpha Delta Pi
ΔΔΔ - Delta Delta Delta

Upper Mid Tier:
ΠΒΦ - Pi Beta Phi
ΑΞΔ - Alpha Xi Delta

True Mid Tier:
ΚΑΘ - Kappa Alpha Theta
ΧΩ - Chi Omega
ΑΕΦ - Alpha Epsilon Phi

Lower Mid Tier:
ΚΚΓ - Kappa Kappa Gamma

Bottom Tier:
ΔΖ - Delta Zeta
ΓΦΒ - Gamma Phi Beta

. . . . . . . . .

Tier Considerations:
Campus relevance, strong membership & retention, new member class, looks, personality, social life, philanthropy events, srat & frat relations, Greek involvement, diversity, remaining in good standing with ofsl, house/no house.
(Not gpa or athletics, we’re social/philanthropic organizations, not academic or sports teams)

Ranking Bias:
Ranks are how chapters are viewed by the majority of Greeks and created with group input. If you believe a chapter is falling or rising comment below concrete reasons, for group discussion. Ranks are not set in stone and fluctuate with new pcs and for various reasons.

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