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Sigma Sigma Sigma sorority chapter comments at Murray State University - MSU

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#1  by: AX   

A GREAT GROUP OF GIRLS! a lot of philanthropy work on and off campus.. very involved! Best sorority by FAR at MSU!!!

By: AX
#2  by: MSU Sorority Girl   

Great and fun group of girls! Cannot name one that I do not like!

By: MSU Sorority Girl
by: boydog Sep 29, 2013 11:25:21 AM

Hello from Houston TX. Need to connect with the Tri Sig house in Murray KY. Need phone number, email address or web site. Reply Kychuck101@Yahoo.com

By: boydog
#3  by: Chop   

If you can't slam a Gam try a sig!!!

By: Chop
#4  by: lol   

All hoes and just bang whatever guy talks to them

By: lol

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