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Alpha Sigma Alpha sorority chapter comments at Murray State University - MSU

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#1  by: realitycheck   

All the sorority's on MSU campus have a lot to offer! To those who think it is all about looks - grow up! There is a great sisterhood within the members - sure not everyone is going to be great friends with all sisters. Look at the philanthropic work...great job ASA. Everyone is going to get what they put into a group...stand up for your sorority and quit bashing the others...just be proud of who you are and what you have done for your community and sorority.

By: realitycheck
#2  by: MSU Sorority Girl   

I agree 100% with realitycheck. These girls, although attractive, care more about sisterhood, philanthropies, and grades than they care about looks, which is why their chapter is so diverse. Each girl was recruited because she had potential for the sorority and had something special and unique to offer.

By: MSU Sorority Girl
#3  by: AOΠDarlin   

Coming from another sisterhood, Alpha Sigma Alpha ladies are great! These girls not only cherish their own sisterhood, philanthropic organizations,and VALUES but also everyone else's.

By: AOΠDarlin
#4  by: SigEpsLoveBugs   

ASA is on top. AMAZING sisterhood, involvement, and standards. These girls are good lookin and true sweethearts.

By: SigEpsLoveBugs
#5  by: Fratastic    

ASA's are where it is at. This sorority may not be known nationally, but at Murray State these girls are involved and are known to a high standard on Murray States campus.

By: Fratastic
#6  by: Lol   

They have a downie 😂

By: Lol
by: ....Oct 24, 2015 8:02:58 AM

You should be ashamed of yourself for posting that.

By: ....

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