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Pi Kappa Alpha fraternity chapter comments at Montana State University - MSU

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#1  by: Bobcats   

Great group of guys, Strong values, true gentlemen, and an all around fun place to be. Enough said!!

By: Bobcats
#2  by: ZZT   

Honestly the most authentic guys you'll meet. They're invested in what they do, and hold high standards among the fraternity.

#3  by: Geedguuuuurl   

Ehh no

By: Geedguuuuurl
#4  by: JuulPledge   

Decent group of guys. Used to be douchebags but they've gotten a lot better. They'll bid anything with a pulse though and then cut during pledgeship which seems wrong to me.

By: JuulPledge
#5  by: Geed bro   

My roommate freshman year pledged and initiated at pike. Very exclusive parties, they don’t just let everybody in like they do at kappa. I brought my girlfriend as well and she said they were all very respectful! My roommate always told me it was a top house, and from what I’ve experienced it is!

By: Geed bro

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