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by: thoken

out of aoii, tridelt, adpi, fuzzy, which is ranked highest? Whats the ranking between the tiers

Posted By: thoken
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#1  by: Gin   

ADPi top.

By: Gin
by: DownFeb 4, 2023 10:36:41 PM

Adpi self rank come on they aren’t even in the top two of the lower tier

By: Down
#2  by:    

Honestly, go with where you felt the most at home

By: ♥
#3  by: Truth   

They are all great groups - go where you feel most comfortable and stop trying to push other chapters down

By: Truth
#4  by: truth   

honestly all of them have amazing girls in them. they're equal

By: truth
#5  by: Miami   

Depends what you think is most important. Tri delt parties the hardest out of those but they’re kind of a mixed bag

By: Miami
#6  by: Tyyh   

It’s fuzzie 100% then tri delt then a d pi

By: Tyyh
#7  by: eugsydbk   

ok so fuzzie, tridelt and aoii equal and adpi last

By: eugsydbk
by: nahFeb 6, 2023 9:55:12 PM

aoii has never been up from the bottom in years and they're not starting now

By: nah

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