Sophomore transfer?? Aphi? Parties?

by: Transfer?

Hi! I am thinking about transferring to Chapman because I don’t like the majors offered at my school. I am currently an aphi so im wondering what their vibe is like here. Also what are parties like are there frat parties and are they fun? Also where do sophomore typically live? Will it be hard to make friends? Sorry so many questions lol thanks!

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#1  by: answer   

aphi is top house
frat parties are smaler but fun
you will make a lot of friends

By: answer
#2  by: idkwhatimdoing   

hi! aphi is top house but be open to other sororities pls! parties are small but still fun. sophomores live at the k, grand or in houses. You’ll do great, you got this!!

By: idkwhatimdoing
by: GhdJan 23, 2021 3:24:51 PM

She’s already In aphi she can’t switch lol

By: Ghd
#3  by: LA   

No you are NOT an Alpha Phi looking to transfer. If you were SERIOUS, you’d have already answered all your questions and spoken to this chapter about affiliating—and not come HERE for info.

You’re an Aphi here fishing for everybody to say how GOOD Aphi is and all that crap.

You are TRANSPARENT and SHALLOW A F. (Not to mention desperate!!!!)

By: LA
by: perfectAug 31, 2021 1:50:53 AM

So true. And most people don't consider A Phi as a top house. Maybe 3rd or 4th?

By: perfect
by: UmJan 28, 2022 1:27:09 PM

Aw you sound super sweet

By: Um
#4  by: Transfer?   

I am an aphi and I am planning to transfer. I didn’t ask about how to affiliate, I asked about greek life and making friends.

Don’t know what your problem is but you should really seek help for your issues because all that anger isn’t really good for you sis.

By: Transfer?

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