relevant organizations

by: Facts

The only relevant organizations on this campus are the Divine 9 organizations no cap

Posted By: Facts
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#1  by: hmm   

I agree the Devine 9 rock here at Long Beach State. But they are far from the "only"relevant group.

By: hmm
#2  by: Great    

I agree that the divine nine sororities are great organizations here at the beach.
They do wonderful philantrophy work, and do well academically,but sorry they are not the only relevant, important, organizations here.

By: Great
#3  by: uh huh   

@Facts-What you wrote was an opinion,not a statement of fact.
No one in one of our Divine Nine organizations would be that ignorant.
Take your BS elsewhere.

By: uh huh
by: ^Oct 3, 2019 11:45:26 AM

I agree. This was some ignoramous trying to start stuff.

By: ^

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