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I’m a incoming freshman and I have a few questions about rush. What’s the gpa you need to rush and do you have to live in the house once you join?

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Hi. To participate in Panhellenic recruitment you need to have a GPA that is higher than a 2.0 but the among the eight National Panhellenic groups each might have a slightly higher requirement ie 2.5. minimum.
As to living in the houses, that depends on the group but most new members would not live in the house. Many of the sorority houses are fairly small and might be able to accommodate 10-20 members maximum.

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I don't think any sorority requires you to live in the house. Most sororities have more people who want to live in the house than they have room for.
If you were able to get into CSULB, your GPA is high enough to rush.
Welcome. We're glad your here! See you soon.

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