If each sorority were on social media:

by: Bububble

Tri delt: a viner who gets famous off their “quirkiness”
Theta: A Christian influencer who starts a family channel
Aphi: thirst trap tik toker who gets cancelled because of a tweet from 2015
Pi phi: says they don’t use social media
Kappa: wholesome but funny YouTube vloggers
Dg: Pinterest girls that take pictures of everything they think is aesthetic
A chi o: MySpace… do they even exist anymore?

Posted By: Bububble
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#1  by: Facts   

This is so accurate

By: Facts
#2  by: sisjeii no osns   

i’d agree on all except axo. they do exist u just need to widen ur binoculars to more than DG and Aphi

By: sisjeii no osns

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