sorority pledge classes

by: DANKo

thoughts on the newest pledge classes?

Posted By: DANKo
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#1  by: Yuh   

DG got the party girls who are all in the same friend group, nothing special.
Kappa did super well and got a lot of dope girls who know how to have fun, definitely one of the top houses
Theta got some of the best girls as per usual: hot, classy, and smart
Aphi got the same weird mix.. some really good girls and some weird
AchiO did well during recruitment, we’ll see what they bring to the table.
Tri delt did pretty well, an odd mix, but they’re moving up
PiPhi got the same girls as always, but definitely getting better

By: Yuh
by: Mostly agreeJan 15, 2019 2:36:29 PM

I wasn’t too impressed with Kappa this year. Seemed like a mixed bag. Quite a few bland girls.
I thought DG got a pretty cute class,- better than usual- but don’t know anything about the girls.
TriDelt actually did pretty damn good. Definitely still mixed. You’re right they’re moving up.

Agree on the rest but have minimal idea on AXO.

By: Mostly agree
#2  by: Dawgs   

Kappa top house for sure. Their lawn was packed bid day cause everyone loved their new PC. DG was cute but got all the basic only-care-about-looks and party girls. Theta got smart, classy pretty girls as usual. Alpha Phi was probably the worst, such a random mix of girls. Not the typical group. Kappa and DG top tier this year

By: Dawgs
by: HahahaJan 16, 2019 3:08:16 PM

Nice try DG... top houses will always be Kappa and Theta

By: Hahaha
by: trueJan 17, 2019 6:31:45 PM

this is the most accurate - kappa did really well

By: true
#3  by: Oeuebdnd   

APhi...not your best
Agree Tri delta did well this year
Don’t know the a chis but heard lots of legacies

By: Oeuebdnd
#4  by: pop   

Seriously tho wtf alpha phi

By: pop

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