what sorority is best


I ann a freshman at BC and interested in greek life so i want to see which sorority is the best for when i rush in the spring

Posted By: Brooklyn GIrl
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AEPhi is very diverse with a cool mix of girls and very involved on campus

AXID they're diverse as well but some of them have nasty attitudes and from what I hear their "sisterhood" isn't what it appears to be

SIA latina based, very involved on campus

By: rt
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None of them. All of these girls secretly hate each other.

By: rtpt2
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XIO- Sisters are two faced not only to other Greeks but within their own sorority. Don't be surprised if two sisters are sleeping with the same guy and are aware of it. Very overrated, only get by on their looks. Closeted racist and will get upset if you call them out on their BS.

Kappa phi chi-not as bad as xio, they rush girls who don't fit the sorority girl mold. Some could be phony and fake and some are pretty chill and cool.

By: j

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