sorority ranks

by: honest

if you're truly looking for the full sorority experience -- strong sisterhood, fun, good reputation, involvement, social life, grades, etc

pi phi/gphi

Posted By: honest
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#1  by: sorority girl   

Accurate rankings for 2017!!! So true.

By: sorority girl
#2  by: so true   

this is spot on

By: so true
#3  by: Ha ha ha   

Um no. What a joke. Move down the list sd

By: Ha ha ha
#4  by: yep   

l agree

By: yep
#5  by: yep   

this is accurate

By: yep
#6  by: secret   

This is what most guys in the top houses will tell you
1.) Gphi, Pi Phi, and Chi O

2.) SK

3.)KD\n\n\n\n\n4.) A Chi O

5. SDT

By: secret
#7  by: Um   

Since when do chi os have the best reputation..?
I think its more

Chi o and gphi have been on probation in the past and have snobby members.

By: Um
by: No Aug 2, 2018 4:38:52 PM

Chi Omega is not on probation and they're all super sweet and friendly girls

By: No
#8  by: S   

Sorry honey. You are obviously a Chi O if you put them first above everyone else . Let’s be real. Every house has ALL types of women in them. You will find a crew you fit with, no matter the house. Your post is all perpetuating stereotypes. Greek life at BU is all about finding your voice and giving back to the community. I have friends from ALL houses!

By: S
by: JOct 1, 2020 11:20:28 PM

someone’s upset they didn’t get a bid

By: J
#9  by: frat ranks   

Top: phi tau, DU, sig chi
Middle: delts, SNU, AEPi, PIKE
Bottom: all the other ones

By: frat ranks
by: Other Opinion of RanksJul 14, 2021 4:22:40 PM

Top: Phi Tau, DU, Lambda
Middle Top: Delts, Pike, Snu, Sig Chi
Middle Bottom: Theta Chi, Sig Ep,
Bottom: Fiji, Pi Kapp, Theta Xi, AEPi

By: Other Opinion of Ranks
#10  by: sorority ranks   

top: GPHI, pi phi, chi o
Middle: SK
lower middle: KD, a chi o
bottom: SDT

By: sorority ranks
by: Other Opinion of RanksJul 14, 2021 4:25:10 PM

Top for Looks: Gphi, Pi Phi, Chio,
Top for partying: GPHI, pi phi, chi o, SK, KD
Top for GF material: SDT, KD, A Chi O, SK,
Top For Size(# of Members via Presence): KD, SK
Top for Drama: ALL

By: Other Opinion of Ranks

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