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sorority rush? By: ..   Last Post:

Can you get into a sorority as a senior or...Read More

By: ..   Last Post:

Started: Jun 4, 2016 2:38:22 PM
miss the good ol days By: Whatever   Last Post:

i miss the old Greek life at's kind of...Read More

By: Whatever   Last Post:

Started: Jun 26, 2016 9:00:25 PM
service hours for philantrhopy By: good job   Last Post:

I am really proud of our sororities and all the...Read More

By: good job   Last Post:

Started: Apr 18, 2016 5:46:42 PM
rushing as a sophomore By: GDI   Last Post:

I went through formal rush freshman year and it did...Read More

By: GDI   Last Post:

Started: Mar 16, 2016 9:57:54 PM
two ?s By: A   Last Post:

What is the general consensus about each sorority? Which...Read More

By: A   Last Post:

Started: Dec 17, 2015 8:58:44 PM
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spring rush By: pledge   Last Post:

which sororities did spring rush this year? ...Read More

By: pledge   Last Post:

Started: Feb 11, 2016 3:11:18 PM
grand chapter awards interfraternity panhellen awa By: yep   Last Post:

Interfraternity Council Current Accredited Chapters Ed King Award for Overall Excellence Delta...Read More

By: yep   Last Post:

Started: Feb 23, 2016 4:15:18 PM
freshman By: incoming   Last Post:

I'm rushing this fall and I just wanted to know...Read More

By: incoming   Last Post:

Started: Feb 13, 2016 11:39:02 AM
frat and sorority pairings By: G   Last Post:

Which frat does each sorority socialize with the most?...Read More

By: G   Last Post:

Started: Dec 15, 2015 7:43:38 PM
fraternity rank (be honest, non biased) By: Curious   Last Post:

Rank all the fraternities in order from top to bottom...Read More

By: Curious   Last Post:

Started: Dec 1, 2015 4:30:42 PM
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