furman sorority rankings

by: DearPNM

Middle: ZTA/Tri Delt/ DG
Bottom: KKG

Taking involvement and popularity into consideration this should be an accurate reflection of the sororities at Furman. KD and CHIO seem to have similar girls—with KDs being a bit more southern and preppy and CHI O’s being edgier as well as with a little more personality. ADPIs are pretty, but full of personality, and are super trendy. They can seem cliquey at first but once you get to know them are very inclusive. Of the three CHI O’s are the most inclusive and not as cliquey as the other two tops. KD and ADPI are relatively the same in regards to cliquey-ness. KD and ADPI typically fight each other for pledge classes but this year CHI O and ADPI and KD and ADPI seemed to be the real ones to decide between for girls. KD used to be a lot like ADPI is now but have definitely become more like the TRI DELTS. TRIDELTs are very very nice, almost too nice, sometimes too nice and very “good” girls. Zetas are fun and have great functions but are a very random group of ppl and are a little weird. DG is underrated almost any top tier girl will tell you that too because they have very fun and personable girls ( a bit random like zeta). KKG girls tend to lack social skills but make up for it in the strength and closeness of their sisterhood. This all being said, the ranking of the sorority doesn’t mean anything in your every day life at Furman and certainly doesn’t mean you won’t have friends in top tiers and what not if your not in one as well. Everyone finds there home and it all works out.

Posted By: DearPNM
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#1  by: lol   

this was most definitely written by an adpi...even when they're trying to be nice and point out good things about other sororities they still sound rude

By: lol
#2  by: Nope   

the adpi that wrote this Deff got dropped by kd. Most of the girls in adpi that are super hurrah about their sorority initially were dropped by KD or chi o. Just ask them.

By: Nope
by: HmmmOct 9, 2019 1:13:00 PM

Up until recruitment ‘19 adpi and chi o had very little overlap in the type of girl they wanted, so I wouldn’t say that’s true for the past

By: Hmmm

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