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by: Kappa Sig

I’m a Ksig at a different university considering of transferring how’s Kappa Sig at CSUF?

Posted By: Kappa Sig
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#1  by: Don’t.    

They are renting a house rn from theta chi. When theta chi recolonization then ksig will be homeless.

By: Don’t.
by: Andrews Jun 6, 2019 1:23:31 AM

Theta chi at Fresno were animals. But It would be fun to see them come back.

By: Andrews
#2  by: Don’t.    

They suck here...but join a different house and be a winner finally.

By: Don’t.
#3  by: Sororityview   

You will probably fit in KS are a joke on all campuses and are a joke here too so you will fit in.

By: Sororityview

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