spring 24 rankings

by: greek

top- pike, sig ep
upper mid- delt, aepi
mid- chi phi, sae, pkt
lower mid- sig chi
bottom- theta chi, lambda

top- aphi, dg
upper mid- aephi, adpi, kd
mid- sdt, gphi
lower mid- theta, sk
bottom- tri delt

Posted By: greek
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#1  by: lmao   

did not think sae was on this site😭😭😭this is probably the most insane self rank i've ever seen on here

By: lmao
#2  by: huh   

sorority ranking is chill but this is the most boof frat ranking ive ever seen like wtf is an sae

By: huh
#3  by: BuLolz   

Sig ep aint even a real frat ffs

By: BuLolz
by: ha!Apr 23, 2024 2:39:03 PM

none of the frats at BU at real, this aint Bama or ASU. They're all just glorified drinking clubs and sigep happens to be pretty good at that

By: ha!
#4  by: question    

is sae an actual frat here?

By: question
#5  by: bugreek   

lower mid for sig chi is so funny they are as bottom as it gets

By: bugreek
by: BugreekerApr 13, 2024 12:00:21 PM

Wdym I love raging in a duplex

By: Bugreeker
#6  by: s   

you mention sae and not ksig😭

By: s

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