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I hope everyone is looking forward to rush for this coming fall. I will try to give everyone some fair rankings for each fraternity/sorority. Keep in mind that these are just my opinions and you should rush who you feel comfortable with.

Alpha Tau Omega (ATO) : Just recently re-charted in the fall of 2012. Had a very large pledge class that had a mixture of good and not so good guys. The spring class helped even things out a little bit. Seem to be a little disorganized but had some great parties which helped them get a good reputation this year. The future looks bright for ATO if they can get involved a little more.

Kappa Sigma: (KS) Probably the most diverse fraternity on campus. If you are looking for diversity this is the way to go. Kappa Sigma will not be your typical southern fraternity experience. With their large size they have the same problem as ATO with a mix of great and not so great guys. Grades are also a problem with this chapter. Seem to be a little bit more involved but the parties have not been as big or frequent as they could be. All in all, a solid chapter.

Lambda Chi Alpha: Not very socially involved as some of the other fraternities on campus. Grades are very good with this chapter. Only had one memeber with a GPA lower then a 2.0.

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