AXO Bidded a 22 year old

by: What happened AXO?

AXO why did you bid a 22 year old?? That’s just weird. Being 22 at a frat party with a bunch of 18 year olds is just sad.

Posted By: What happened AXO?
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#1  by: sad girl :(   

Hi!! Thank you so much for taking time out of your day to ask us why on earth we gave a 22 year old a bid! Well, the answer is simple! She simply does not have to go to the frats if she pleases!!! There is no expectation for sisters to only hang out at the fraternity's, bars exist for those who are above 21 for a reason silly goose! I thought you would've known that by now for being a college student in America! Greek life is also inclusive to those of all ages, so I think giving anyone the fortunate opportunity to stand for what we believe in is okay, even as a 22 year old!

By: sad girl :(
#2  by: Yeah   

OP is a See You Next Tue

By: Yeah

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