Another sorority? Why??

by: Ummm

We had a total of 18 (!?!?!?!?) girls run home between all chapters (undergraduate population at 13,000 fyi) We barely have anyone going through but we thought it was a good idea to bring back AST!? They should always be the first chapter to return to campus but why can’t we get them back when we are a more stable Greek life? Most schools don’t bring new chapters on campus unless they are having an overflow of PNMs not when they are at their lowest numbers ever?

I am seriously asking. Not hit at AST, I would have felt this way about any new chapter being invited to our campus.

Posted By: Ummm
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#1  by: EMU Senior   

80 people rushed. 18 got bids. That’s why.

By: EMU Senior
by: EMU SeniorDec 6, 2022 7:55:54 PM

But still, it is NOT worth joining. They’ve been back on campus for almost four months now, and already have a bad rep.

By: EMU Senior
#2  by: AST   

AST is literally unknown by most Greeks anywhere, a very weird choice


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