what are the real sorority rankings here?

by: Haylie

What are the real sorority rankings here? Top tier? Mid Tier? Bottom Tier?

Posted By: Haylie
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#1  by: Panther   

Top - PiPhi, Tri Delt
Mid - KD, Zeta

By: Panther
by: PantherJul 23, 2019 7:18:33 AM

scratch that
Top - PiPhi, Zeta
Mid - KD
Low - TriDelt

By: Panther
#2  by: seriously?   

pi phi is not top!

By: seriously?
#3  by: It Depends   

It depends what you're looking for. Pi Phi is very tight knit, but they don't intermingle at all with other chapters, they are pretty, but not very classy partiers. Zeta doesn't have a very good sisterhood. It seems kind of forced, but they are nice girls to be around. Tri-Delta is going downhill pretty fast, a lot of their girls dropped, but they are all very pretty girls. Their suite is probably the nicest. KD has the strongest sisterhood. They seem like they really like spending time together and they are the most friendly to everyone on campus. Their suite isn't the prettiest and some of the girls aren't flawless, but they're the most genuine.

By: It Depends
#4  by: Athena   


By: Athena
by: Greek StudentDec 2, 2019 6:32:27 PM

You are definitely a Pi Phi. Zeta is not at the bottom lol

By: Greek Student
#5  by: Truthiness   

Pi Phi: Top based on looks and all-around status. Can be aloof.

Tri Delt: Nice looking girls, but apparently some chapter drama. Mostly nice.

KD: Inclusive and very welcoming. Getting better each recruitment, but are not the most attractive girls, but again, super friendly.

ZTA: Almost nothing good to say. Very arrogant with no real reason, judgmental, not attractive at all, and it is clear a lot of them just don't like each other. Very fake during recruitment.

By: Truthiness
#6  by: Jennifer   

PiPhi, TriDelt, KD, Zeta....end of story.

By: Jennifer
#7  by: Rank   

Pi Phi/Tri Delt (different types of girls, but same status)

KD (very likable girls, not status obsessed, moving up)

ZTA (snobby/rude, mean-girl vibe and drama)

By: Rank
#8  by: closer   

pi phi KD Tri delta and then Zeta

By: closer
#9  by: DU Panther   

Pi Phi and in close behind Zeta - Zeta stepped up this pass spring major

KD - as normal

Tri Delt - they've lost a lot of greeks cause they've caused loads of drama

By: DU Panther
by: Fraternity Jul 27, 2019 10:50:42 PM

Retweet. Zeta is stepping up big time and what is the drama in Tri Delt?

By: Fraternity
#10  by: Greek Student   

I would say that Zeta and Pi Phi are the top two sororities at the current moment. KD and Try Delt are definitely not in the top two, but not sure which one would be the least popular because they are both about the same.

By: Greek Student

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