rerushing sorority as a sophomore

by: hi

do chapters know if pnms previously rushed? if i was dropped by a chapter as a freshman, is there any chance i can still go back as a sophomore? does it negatively impact you? thanks!

Posted By: hi
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#1  by: it's okay   

No, it happens all the time. No stigma. Since you've already been through rush you're kind of better prepared the second time and most likely will have a better rush. If girls in that house know you and like you they will pull for you, and of course the opposite as well.

By: it's okay
#2  by: Allgood   

I'm pretty sure chapters can tell if u rush again so obviously don't lie if it comes up but its seriously nbd people rerush all the time. Freshman year is a time of growth so ur prolly much more prepared for the process:) good luck!!!

By: Allgood

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