Sororities with only females

by: FSU 2028

Signing up for fall recruitment and saw on the news that Kappa Kappa Gamma has men who identify as women in their sorority. Do any of the FSU sororities allow men who identify as women? I only want to join a house that is entirely female (not trans).

Posted By: FSU 2028
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#1  by: No   

There are no trans woman in kkg at fsu

By: No
#2  by: Not here   

Most of the NPC sororities have adopted policies on a national level allowing trans. Not requiring, but allowing. But it is always up to a sorority chapter to select their own membership. There was an issue in the national news involving a trans member at a small obscure chapter and the whole thing was sketchy and badly managed from the school to the chapter to the national response. Lawsuit still ongoing. It is a VERY different situation at FSU and nothing like that will happen here.

By: Not here
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#4  by: one fraternity   

One fraternity at FSU has a national policy to admit trans, but they have not done so here and are unlikely to.

By: one fraternity
#5  by: ph   

girl this is just untrue. I get the concern but this happened in a kkg chapter at a different university with a small obscure greek like community. lets not spread false things

By: ph

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