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by: TRUU

TOP: Fiji, Sigep
both throw amazing parties that you won't feel weird at. During the day they focus and get good grades but at night they party hard. Many girls will exclusively date these guys because they know that they are people they can trust. It is a close call for these two of which is the best both continually bid great guys with this past years class being no exception. Couldn't pick between the two
Mid: Theta Chi, SAE
Theta Chi stepped up their game with a decent pledge class and throws some ok parties. While they don't have huge parties the one's at their house are always a good time. SAE is in an interesting place. Their parties are either a really good time or they are completely terrible. SAE though has some amazing guys who are super fun. They have the potential to be top tier
Bottom: Phi Delt, ATO, Sig Chi
Phi Delt has potential to be mid with nice guys the problem is that they very rarely party. Nice guys but nothing special with parties. ATO has no social life, honestly i don't notice them alot. Good grades but thats it. Sig Chi is the worst. They throw good parties but they creep people out and are overall jerks. Don't trust Sig Chi many people think they will become the new Pike.

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Forgot TKE. They are worse than Sigma Chi just because they are weird. They have one party on Halloween with a decent crowd but two drinks each. Nothing else. Not worth the time

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This is complete biased, immature garbage lol

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