best pc 2018??

by: bmm

Sorority pledge class rankings? who did best and worst

Posted By: bmm
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#1  by: Zbt   

Honestly DG and APhi were top house by far this year. Gphi’s PC is irrelevant. APhi clearly tried their best to recruit pretty girls, but DG got the dope and hot girls. I’d say DG did the best because they focused on personality more than APhi, but the two are pretty much tied. I may be biased, my friends and I love DG girls

By: Zbt
by: hiSep 26, 2018 3:36:22 PM

i feel like dz did better than gphi this year

By: hi
by: BooneSep 12, 2019 3:39:46 PM

Cute self rank dg

By: Boone
#2  by: Truth   

The only reason APhi even has a semi-good pledge class is because they bid promise

By: Truth
#3  by: for real   

aphi and dg for sure got the best girls, no question.

By: for real
#4  by: Rhogamgal   

Dg: got a spray of people. Definitly some cool pretty girls but thenalso some freaks.
Gphi: pretty well rounded. Have fun outgoing people with some exceptions
Aphi: only went for looks. Girls are greedy, judgmental and not super nice

By: Rhogamgal
#5  by: Pios   

1) Aphi
2) Dg
3) gphi

By: Pios

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