Frat Ranking

by: Sophomore WarnerHall Girl

1. Kappa Sig (HUGE class size, BEST parties, super fun guys who make sure everyone has a good time, my personal favorite and where I see the most potential for the upcoming years)
2. SPE (good parties, decent class size, nice guys who really like to have a good time)
3. PDT (decent class size, predominately athletes, cool vibe and parties)
4. SAE (non-existent class size, some guys are cool but the others are total try hards, unsafe environment, below average parties)
5. FIJI (great guys, decent class size, not really a party atmosphere but super accepting and comfortable)
6. KA (historically not the best, tiny class size, trying hard to make a better name for the frat so it is on the up)

Posted By: Sophomore WarnerHall Girl
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#1  by: Party Girl '23   

Totally agree with this list

By: Party Girl '23
#2  by: WH '23   

Kappa Sig is definitely going to be the top frat for at least the next three years, being closely followed by SPE. Both of these frats received huge pledge classes and have the best environments.

Stay away from SAE they only had a pledge class of 9 and the majority of them wished they had picked Kappa Sig. SAE has gone down hill as a top frat at Davidson as of the school year of 2020-2021.

By: WH '23
#3  by: CH '23   

Honestly I agree with this list, especially the section on SAE.

Usually my Eating House is strongly affiliated with SAE but I have had really bad experiences with the frat and advice against joining it.

Definitely pick Kappa Sig or SPE

By: CH '23
by: CH '23Aug 16, 2020 12:28:37 AM

Also my Eating House is Connor

By: CH '23
#4  by: Connor Jester '23   

The current class of SAE definitely led it to become a more middle/bottom tier frat with only having 9 new members, most of them being transfer students so not even apart of the class of 2023.

The 2023 classes of Kappa Sig and SPE are the best and have made their frats the top ones at Davidson

By: Connor Jester '23
#5  by: Woof   

Go home, ksig

By: Woof
#6  by: self ranking   

Nice list Ksig!

By: self ranking
#7  by: Sophomore WarnerHall Girl   

uhhhh @woof and @self ranking r y'all that illiterate? clearly wasn't written by any ksig sophomores. was written by a current Warner sophomore girl who just had to acknowledge the fact that they killed it on recruitment last year and had great parties. dont be petty it isn't a good look ;)
plus the other posts were written by other Warner hall and Connor House girls who agreed. not our fault some frats r clearly better than others. maybe yall should try harder

By: Sophomore WarnerHall Girl
#8  by: Davidson College   

Lol let’s not forget that Kappa Sig had 4 or 5 pledges the year before and SAE had 20+

By: Davidson College

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