accurate fraternity rankings?

by: transfer

Can someone provide accurate fall ‘’19 rankings for incoming transfer??

Posted By: transfer
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#1  by: welcome   

1. fiji/sae

depends what you’re looking for in a frat which one would be #1

2. Phi Delt

football and baseball players. have a great time

3. SPE

a lot of swimmers. have a decent presence on campus but having 2 F apartments probably won’t help them next year.

4. KSig

Had a pledge class of literally 4 so that tells you a lot\n\n\n\n\n5. KA

super nice group of guys but basically don’t exist on campus

By: welcome
by: MeowMay 21, 2019 11:23:57 AM

Hm, I guess Fiji figured out how to operate greekrank

By: Meow

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