better sorority?

by: Popply

Which is the better sorority on campus. Like throwing better parties and has a better vibe? Sigma Theta Psi or Delta Omega Rho? Pick one.

Posted By: Popply
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#1  by: honestly   

They are both great.

By: honestly
#2  by: me   

I'm playing on joining Delta Omega Rho because I'm an animal lover. But both sororities are great.

By: me
#3  by: Popply    

But do any of the sororities throw mixers, parties, and fun socials? I mean philanthropy is good and all and I love community service but which one is better in the social aspect?

By: Popply
by: bothJun 5, 2017 7:43:35 PM

They both do social things. It really is a preference thing

By: both
#4  by: Me    

Delta omega Rho is the way to go

By: Me

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