change up in order

by: Woo pig

For the first time in awhile there was a change is ranks. Chi-o fell below kappa, pi phi fell below zeta, and kd fell below adpi and phi mu. Will be interesting to see if this trend continues for pledge class 2020! Predict top five will remain top five however. Tri delt kept its top five position.

Posted By: Woo pig
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#1  by: Actually ..    

I agree!

By: Actually ..
#2  by: eyeroll   

PhiMu please stop. TIA

By: eyeroll
by: Tri delt Dec 2, 2019 5:41:31 PM

I think adpi, kd, and phi mu are all pretty equal. Depends on what pnm’s are looking for . Phi mu does have some pretty and sweet girls. Confused why they get so much hate.

By: Tri delt
by: To: Tri DeltDec 3, 2019 5:50:28 AM

I’m not sure if a ton of people have the same opinion as you, haven’t seen a lot of girls see Phi Mu on the same level (especially not above) ADPi or KD this year. I think they are pretty much equal or a little above AXO

By: To: Tri Delt
by: Oh yesDec 3, 2019 3:16:57 PM

Agree agree agree. Just stop

By: Oh yes
by: .Dec 15, 2019 9:00:39 AM

Why does phi mu get so much hate?

By: .
#3  by: Haha    

Um no chio not up in top five

By: Haha
by: To ha ha Dec 3, 2019 9:41:45 PM

So your saying pnm’s won’t keep chi o through sisterhood round if they can? Pretty sure they will stay in top five.

By: To ha ha
by: on tha hillDec 11, 2019 7:06:39 PM

Sorry to burst your bubble honey, but Chi O will always be a top house.

By: on tha hill
by: ?Dec 31, 2019 9:28:58 PM

anyone on campus will tell you they're top 3?

By: ?
#4  by: To be honest   

KD does not go for the same type of girls as PHI MU. That’s why this is inaccurate

By: To be honest
by: ActuallyDec 12, 2019 1:10:48 PM

This is so true. KD cut way harder for grades than phi mu or adpi. Different type of girls for sure

By: Actually
#5  by: Jassie   

What type of girls does KD go for? What types do Phi Mu go for?

By: Jassie
by: GrapevineDec 9, 2019 9:58:13 AM

I heard KD likes girls who are about female empowerment and strong characters - whereas Phi Mu love a good looking girl. So I agree with above - they don't go for the same girls.

By: Grapevine
by: HonestDec 14, 2019 9:18:31 AM

Would love to know what happened with their (KD) recruitment this year??

By: Honest
#6  by: Yes    

This is so accurate

By: Yes
#7  by: Truthfully    

This makes me laugh- phi mu just stop KD is still above you and truthfully though l am glad adpi had a decent rush they are not above KD - l would still say
Tridelta KD,
Phi mu

By: Truthfully
by: YepDec 16, 2019 8:49:58 AM

What she said

By: Yep
by: ReallyDec 16, 2019 2:28:07 PM

Phi mu below a chi o?? Come on now

By: Really
by: Absolutely not Dec 29, 2019 12:50:27 PM

I’m sorry but AXO did not have a rush like Phi Mu did. Switch their spots

By: Absolutely not
#8  by: And another thing   

Stop saying Chio fell because of one girl- they are still a top house- this site is always good for a laugh though

By: And another thing
by: YepDec 11, 2019 9:31:31 AM

I will second that!

By: Yep
by: NoDec 29, 2019 12:51:52 PM

Chi O didn’t fall because of one girl. They fell as a house completely. No one wants to be in a house full of average looking, mean girls. That’s just how it is lolllll what a hoot

By: No
#9  by: So true!   

Wow just read this and it’s spot on! Pi phi fell a couple of years ago I think. House is very sterile on the inside and just so far from campus. Living off of past rep as a top house for sure. KD has a better reputation overall than adpi and phi mu but struggled with this past pledge class. Predict a comeback for them in 2020.

By: So true!
#10  by: Yep   

Kd is way better than adpi or phi mu and on par the tridelta- truthfully tridelta has had alot of issues

By: Yep

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