Chi O probation

by: Truth

Why is Chi O on probation and why were the PNMs not told during recruitment? Stink to Pref a sorority only to find out no events are allowed.

Posted By: Truth
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#1  by: :)   

No one knows why and members did not know until after bid day either.

By: :)
#2  by: AA   

They are on probation for two situations regarding alcohol that happened at bid day

By: AA
#3  by: Probation   

This is a lie. They are actually on probation regarding a haz!ng incident that was brought to light recently. Good luck with that one Chi O

By: Probation
by: ChiOSep 28, 2023 1:28:50 AM

That's not true. There was no hazing, no hazing incident. That is false

By: ChiO
#4  by: user    

does anyone know when they’ll be off probation?

By: user

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