by: yikes

Anyone else pissed about the chicks moving into greenbriar? Should be a fraternity house, with parties. Such a waste smh

Posted By: yikes
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#1  by: Lmao   

Tri Delta also took the 12s, quit taking frat houses or every party will be in a townhouse lol

By: Lmao
#2  by: have fun doing nun   

what sorority has it?

By: have fun doing nun
by: Alger69696Jul 29, 2020 1:09:46 PM


By: Alger69696
#3  by: I mean   

Can’t really be mad when it’s Sig chis and KAs fault for not taking care of the houses enough and resigning

By: I mean
by: I meanJul 29, 2020 3:41:15 PM

I’m sure your birthday pregames and passdowns will be so so so fun!!!!

By: I mean
#4  by: Hahah   

Lmao get over itttt, they got the lease before u. Do something ab it next year instead of complaining. U snooze u loseeee

By: Hahah
#5  by: No   

B no one cares

By: No
#6  by: Nah   

No one cares that you lost your house Sig chi stop attacking girls and go found another house if you’re that upset about it

By: Nah

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