I’m a girl by the way. I am currently a senior at Edmond North and I am still deciding between OSU or OU. I want to learn more about the Greek life at both schools. People from my high school always come to either OSU or OU. I’ve heard that there are houses from both schools that are biased towards giving bids to those whom come from Edmond North like some houses will guarantee a bid to them or some houses will completely drop them because of it. Which house here do most girls from North get a bid from?

Posted By: Edmond North
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Here no one cares like they do at ou. I mean maybe you’ll easily get a bid from Pi Phi but I’m wouldn’t count on it. OKSTATE is not as cliquey as OU or ENHS

By: Reim
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Hey bud, not sure you're going to get any real advice from greekrank. I've never met anyone that posts on here in a non-sarcastic manner! Go pokes!

By: Madame Huskie
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THETA, kappa, KD, phi mu, pi phi, and chi o maybe

By: honest
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Sig Ep. That's funny.

By: ha ha

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